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Hair Problems & Solutions

My hair is breaking so much, whenever I comb my hair, there is so much hair left on the comb, what can I do to stop this?

First of all, you need to avoid hair care and styling habits that lead to hair breakage, such as over-processing, frequent use of braids and hair extensions, frequent use of heat styling tools without applying styling products, frequent use of hair dye, use of rubber bands to hold the hair and not allowing the hair to rest for at least 6 weeks before retouching it again with relaxer (if your hair is relaxed)

Hair breakage can then be treated using Hairsavvy’s 3-Step Solution for Hair Breakage, which is a step-by-step rehabilitation process for damaged hair and it involves the following;


The first step in treating hair breakage is to clean built-up dirt from the hair and scalp with Hairsavvy Moisture Rich Conditioning Shampoo. It is moisture rich and will gently lift off dirt and product build up without over drying your hair or stripping out the hair’s natural oils.  You can moisturise dirty hair because the


Damaged hair has to be repaired. To achieve this, deep condition with Hairsavvy Deep Penetrating Hair Restorer Conditioner with herbal extracts to repair damaged hair, restore moisture and prevent breakage and split ends, while added protein will strengthen the hair.


When damaged hair has been repaired, the next step is to restore its shine and silkiness. This is achieved by the application of Hairsavvy Leave in Conditioning Therapy. Remember to moisturise your hair daily with Hairsavvy Oil Moisturising Complex Lotion, which is an intensive moisture treatment that is specially designed reduce breakage. It contains Wheat Germ Oil high in naturally sourced Vitamin E, A, and D. When applied regularly it heals the scalp. It also has Hair Keratin protein to aid in the recovery of hair’s natural elasticity, while soothing the cuticle, and promoting softness and shine. You can also apply Hairsavvy Olive Oil & Lanolin Hair Food to your scalp 3 times a week. It strengthens weak, damaged hair, and stimulates growth.

My hair is not growing! What can I do to make my hair grow?

It is very likely that your hair IS growing. All hair grows at an average rate of 1.25cm per month. The reason why you think that your hair is not growing is because it breaks off before it gets to that length that you desire. If you are fond of wearing hair extensions or braids over long periods and using heat styling tools such as blow dryers, curling tongs & flat irons, you are likely to experience stunted growth because frequent use of these hairstyles, as well as poor hair care products and management inevitably result in hair breakage.  To overcome this challenge you would need to focus on keeping your hair healthy. Stop all the bad hair care habits that you may have and start using Hairsavvy’s 3-Step Solution for Hair Breakage.

I have such terrible dandruff, what can I use to treat it?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition marked by constant itching and flaking of the skin on the scalp. It is caused by an over-production of skin oil and irritation from the yeast called Malessizia. To treat dandruff, follow this routine twice a week:

I lost my hairline, what can I do to grow it back

Hair line breakage is usually caused by continuous and excessive pulling on the hair due to various types of hairstyling, such as ponytails, buns, braiding and cornrows. This traction gradually results in hair loss. If this type of traction and hair loss continues for an excessively long period of time ,  the hair loss may become permanent. Firstly you need to stop wearing hairstyles that place strain and tension on your front hair and then apply Hairsavvy Olive oil & Lanolin Hair Food to your scalp daily- especially along the hair line, and massage it in. It strengthens weak damaged hair and stimulates hair line growth. Massage your scalp and hair line for 10 to 15 minutes every day. This will help to increase blood circulation, deliver nutrients to the hair follicles and stimulate growth.

My natural hair is so dry, hard and breaks easily. What can I use to make it softer, healthier and easier to manage?

Natural African hair is dry by nature due to its kinky/ coily/ curly nature, which makes it difficult for sebum (natural oils) produced by your scalp to travel down the hair’s shaft. Restoring moisture should be a big part of your hair care routine in order to combat dryness and minimise breakage. This can be achieved by shampooing with Hairsavvy Moisture Rich Conditioning Shampoo, which is moisture rich and will not dry out your hair. Always remember: Do not shampoo your hair more than necessary, as this tends to dry out your hair- once a week is usually enough. Some people leave their hair unwashed for months, this is also bad for your hair as the dirt and product build up make it impossible for moisture to penetrate the hair strands when you moisturise your hair, and this results in dryness and breakage. After shampooing always do a deep conditioning treatment with Hairsavvy Deep Penetrating Hair Restorer Conditioner to repair, restore and strengthen your hair, and moisturise your hair daily with Hairsavvy 4 in 1 Oil Sheen Spray which is great for natural hair. It will soften your hair and make it easier to comb, while also leaving it with a healthy shine. Apply Hairsavvy Olive oil & Lanolin Hair Food to your hair and scalp daily. It strengthens weak damaged hair, and stimulates growth

After I relax my hair, it is so dry, brittle and breaks and sometimes I end up with relaxer burns on my scalp. What causes this & what can I do to stop it?

It could be that you are not using the correct relaxer for your hair type/ texture. The relaxer you are using may be too strong for your hair type. Hairsavvy relaxers are available in regular and super and the No lye relaxer kits with ultra-conditioners are made with a sensitive scalp formula which provides protection from breakage, even around the hairline.   When you relax your hair, please make sure that the relaxer is ONLY applied to the new growth, applying relaxer to already relaxed hair causes over processing & damage which leads to dryness and breakage. Also, you could be leaving the relaxer on for too long which can also result in over processing. Do not leave relaxer on for longer than the time stated in the instructions.

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