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“My AFRO is 3 months old. I was struggling with my hair line as well as hair growth. I used to wash it every day because it was very dry. I only started using Hairsavvy products 2 weeks ago and you will never believe the results. My hair is so soft and manageable, and my hairline has already improved so much”



“I have no more dandruff, and I find this so amazing, because I used to have a dandruff problem that used to stress me out. Sometimes I would even find lots of dandruff flakes on my clothes, but since I started on the routine that was suggested to me by Hairsavvy and using their products I have no more dandruff, and I have a clean scalp and hair.”



Excessive dryness and breakage is a common problem experienced by women with natural/ virgin hair, and this is largely due to it’s kinky/ coily/ curly nature, which makes it difficult for sebum (natural oils) produced by the scalp to travel down the hair’s shaft. Because of this, restoring and maintaining moisture should be a big part of the hair care routine when dealing with natural/ virgin African hair. Noni’s hair care routine consists of shampooing her hair once or twice a week with Hairsavvy Moisture Rich Conditioning Shampoo, and then doing a deep conditioning treatment with Hairsavvy Deep Penetrating Hair Restorer Conditioner (to repair, restore & strengthen the hair) and moisturising daily with Hairsavvy 4 in 1 Oil Sheen Spray (to soften the hair and give it a healthy shine). Since she started using using this is what she has to say:

“Hairsavvy Rocks, I’m loving it!”